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giving back + paYing iT foRWaRd

Back in 1993, CR+A was a small, home business. It has taken many years and the efforts, insights and talents of many people to help us achieve the nationwide presence we enjoy today. So we have a keen appreciation for just how much community matters. That’s why we remain so engaged in ours:

  • As a partner of Job Corp for over six years, we hold regular tours with the program and have even hired two program alumni.

  • We support our local fire and police departments, donating creative graphic solutions for everything from operational to educational needs.

  • We created (pro-bono) the first street pole banner campaign for the Downtown Los Angeles holiday theft prevention program, which was displayed prominently throughout the fashion district.

  • In conjunction with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), we hosted a facility tour for youth involved in the program, encouraging them to explore and ask questions of our various department, and even bring designs to have printed.